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While we welcome new challenges,
past engagements have included:

Teleservices strategic planning
  • Determining teleservices needs and recommending in- or out-sourcing based on current and future objectives
Educating clients in technology utilization
  • Evaluating current technology and making recommendations for more cost effective systems
Call center performance audits
  • On-site evaluation of current call center capabilities and future prospects for new technology and customer service platforms

Remote call monitoring

  • Regularly scheduled call quality assurance
Customer Service Representative (CSR) evaluation and training
  • On-site assessment of CSR strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Daily supervision of program start-up, implementation and maintenance
Educating clients in provider management
  • Mediating client/supplier relationships and providing recommendations for improving performance
Technology selection and implementation
  • Review current technology and recommend new or improved options. Help apply and manage new hardware and/or software
Provider evaluation, recommendation and selection
  • Supplier comparison through in-depth analysis and evaluation of each supplier's abilities, strengths and weaknesses; assistance in negotiating pricing and terms
IVR planning and management
  • Call flow design, scripting, programming, implementation and administration of large and small IVR applications
Script review
and writing
  • Preparing wording for various business to consumer and business to business applications
Call forecasting
and staffing recommendations
  • Analyze current call trends and use past call histories to forecast future call volume. Review current staffing plans and propose improvements
Program reporting and analysis
  • Evaluate program operations and prepare data reports, especially in multi-supplier environments
Direct supplier supervision
  • Active management of supplier day-to-day operations and reporting

In addition to asissting with individual program components, Kowal & Associates' consultants can manage all of a program's day-to-day operations, including directly managing your outsourced suppliers on your behalf, if you wish.

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