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Remote Monitoring Program Offers Objective Viewpoint

Kowal Associates, a leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting services company located in Boston, MA, announces its new "CCMonitoring" program, an exclusive contact (call) center monitoring plan that helps companies analyze and track the effectiveness of their contact center programs. Kowal monitors telephone calls (inbound and outbound), emails and correspondence.

Designed to benefit both in-house and outsourced call center suppliers, the CCMonitoring process examines a representative sample of the interactions at a client's contact center. According to Kowal Associates Senior Consultant Marcia Hicks, CCMonitoring ensures that customer service representatives (CSRs) are meeting the company's customer service goals. The program also alerts clients to problems their CSRs cannot address without additional tools or scripting.

"There are a number of factors to look at when monitoring a contact center," Hicks said. "The CSRs may be in place, but do they know everything they should? Are they acting in a professional manner? Are they providing customers correct and sufficient information? Do they have proper speaking and listening skills? CCMonitoring ensures that these issues are recognized and can then be addressed by supervision."

Each CCMonitoring program is performed remotely, guaranteeing that the observations will not be colored by any in-house bias. Also, when Kowal Associates is specifically charged with monitoring, there are no interrupted or missing sessions.

Kowal Associates calibrates every CCMonitoring program before it is implemented. In the calibration process, Kowal and the client agree upon a center's performance criteria. This criteria is comprised of multiple factors such as listening skills and product knowledge. Kowal then proposes a scoring method, keeping in mind the call center's goals. Finally, call center personnel including representatives, supervisors and managers are briefed on the criteria that have been identified. Through this method, the customer service program goals are identified and communicated to everyone.

"Before we embark on any monitoring program, we match the program to our client's goals," Hicks said. "This ensures that we know our client's expectations. We also provide reports specially designed for each client. Some clients request individual CSR data ready for a supervisor to use as feedback while other clients prefer reports with actionable items to be provided to higher management.

About Kowal Associates: Kowal Associates specializes in the design, integration and management of in-house and outsourced contact centers. These services include service bureau selection, program management, monitoring services and operations consulting. Kowal also helps its clients improve their customer service, consumer affairs, and fulfillment operations. The company is known for its work in highly regulated and sensitive environments.

Kowal Associates long-term clients use the company as an integral part of their marketing team, involving them in all areas. They provide a broad range of services from strategic planning to training customer service representatives to managing their marketing program's day-to-day details. Kowal's client support philosophy is to be constantly informed of changes that effect client industries, and most importantly their customers. Kowal also educates clients about current and cutting-edge technologies, such as speech recognition and e-care applications.

Kowal Associates is a leading Customer Relationship Management consulting firm focused on the design, integration and management of in-house and outsourced teleservices. Kowal Associates' clients range from Fortune 100 companies to Internet startup firms. For more information, call or write to: Kowal Associates, 7 Faneuil Hall Market, Boston, MA 02109-1649; call (617) 521-9000; fax (617) 521-9010; or email: marketing@kowalinc.com. Please visit Kowal's Web site at www.kowalassociates.com.

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