Kowal Associates, Inc.

"Our mission is to improve the connection between companies and their customers ."
Paul Kowal, President

Kowal & Associates, Inc. provides a variety of contact center consulting services, from strategic planning to in-the-trenches implementation. Our clients consider us an integral part of their marketing team because we help them implement the solutions we recommend. We also educate our clients about both current and cutting-edge technologies, such as speech recognition, workforce management, and e-care applications.

Our specialty is the design, implementation, and management of remote call monitoring programs to improve the quality of call interaction in both in-house and out-sourced contact centers. We've been actively working on call quality for over 15 years.

Because we recognize the value of in-depth, long-term relation-ships, we focus on a few select clients at a time and work to understand and meet their ever-changing needs.

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Company Profile Kowal & Associates, Inc. is a telemanagement consulting firm founded in 1988. We provide services in the multi-media contact center environment that improve companies' connection with their customers and their customer's satisfaction with the service they receive. We base our work on three core competencies:
  • Contact center quality assurance and remote call monitoring
  • Self-service using speech recognition interactive voice response
  • Outsourced supplier selection and management.
Our Team Kowal & Associates' team consists of seasoned contact center professionals. We provide a senior perspective from people who have worked at leading contact centers before joining our company.
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